ISBN 978-1-922803-83-2

Warriors’ Descendants

Power of the stone bearers

A looming curse.
A broken life stone.
A good man fights to keep the growing darkness at bay.

Callum, plagued by nightmares of a desolate world, struggles to keep it from bleeding into his life. When he meets the cryptic Vizer, an ancient curse is revealed and Callum learns that he and a group of warriors’ descendants (stone bearers) are at the heart of it all.

He soon finds these stone bearers; and Stacey, Ryan, Paige, and Liam’s lives become entangled in this forgotten war. Callum is left with the challenge of training these new warriors, while they seem determined to tear each other apart.

Will the warriors’ descendants fulfil their destiny in an ancient battle? Or will they risk the fate of the world for a chance at normal?