ISBN 978-1-922890-61-0

The Randomness of Me

A collection of poetry and prose for today and everyday

The universe is big.
We are small.

It is all too easy to get lost
in the immensity of it all,
caught up in everyday

But if we pause for a few
seconds, breathe deeply
and look around we may
just notice how amazing
this universe is.

How each and every one
of us are unique within the
chaos of the heavens.

The Randomness of Me
is a reflection of lived
experiences from one of
these unique, random,
small beings in this big,
amazing universe.

About the Author

Charles Jackson is a poet of many years standing.

At his recent 60th birthday he asked invitees to describe him in one word.

Charles is…

Loving, unusual, weird, interesting, loyal, sarcastic, encyclopaedia, nerd, Dad, passionate, talented, funny, sexagenarian, generous, clever, stupid, loyal, funny, idiotic, repartee, loving, caring, faithful, friendly, supportive, resilient, strange, fun, unusual, unique, angry, ridiculous, painful, loving, intelligent, sincere, idiotic, strange, loving, kind, weird, loving, weird, loving, strange, clever, weird, different, thoughtful, loving and Star Ngee (pretty sure that was a typo but he liked it so took it as his Jedi name).

So, in summary, based on majority rules, loving, weird and a little bit strange.

Who knew.

Charles lives in Adelaide, South Australia with his wife Loretta and their two adult children, Christopher and Rebecca, their partners Maddie and Nick and granddaughter Mikayla.

The Randomness of Me is his first book.