ISBN 978-1-923088-60-3

Multi’s Gift to Nature

One day Multi, a young multi-coloured creature, goes for a walk on his own in the rainforest. Much to his surprise, the rose garden on his parents’ farm and then a tall tree in the forest start speaking to him. They seem to know what Multi is feeling and thinking.

What do they tell him?

Multi’s Gift to Nature shows children that their gift is to enjoy nature and it is for adults to find solutions to climate change. It focuses on a child’s well-being and their relationship with nature. The book is for 7-11 year old children.

About the Author

Rachelle Isaac is a qualified and experienced Individual and Couple Counsellor in Melbourne. Her interest in children’s well-being led her to complete a Graduate Diploma in Infant and Parent Mental Health. She has also trained as a Climate Awareness Professional to help clients experiencing climate distress. She believes that children deserve the best childhood they can have. The light that a child’s enjoyment of nature shines on the world can guide us all to know our essential connection with nature. 


“I loved reading your book. It’s so imaginative and such a great message to children too about enjoying nature and leaving change and responsibility to the adults. I think it could foster good family discussion too.”

Carol Ride, Founder, Psychology for a Safe Climate.

“It’s a beautiful story with a wonderful message.”

Dr Beth Hill, Program Development Coordinator,
Psychology for a Safe Climate.