ISBN 978-0-992339-27-2

End of the Road

Becoming a Mallee Wife

At School we learnt about the mallee country in our lessons and I remember disctinctly thinking, “Why would anyone want to live up there?” It wasn’t portrayed in a very good light and seemed to my impressionable young mind the last place on earth one would want to live or farm in. I always said I would never live too far away from the sea anyway.

I ended up doing just that!

This book is an intimate slice of the history of living in the Mallee District. Deborah Hyde shares her real-life experiences with enthusiasm and humour; a true Australian gem!

ISBN 978-1-922337-96-2

Tiny No More

The family were so excited about having a pet lamb to look after. But life on the farm got pretty interesting for the whole family, as Tiny grew… and grew… and grew!
Anyone who ever owned a pet lamb, or has a rural background, can relate to this book.

The Author

Deborah Hyde is an author from South
Australia. Her first book,The End of the Road, is an intimate and humorous slice of living in the Mallee District from 1973 – 1989. Deborah now lives beach side with her husband, but her farming background has influenced her work as an author.

The Illustrator

Bonnie Lawson is Deb’s niece and a gifted artist who has cleverly portrayed the character’s expressions with a comical, Aussie flavour.