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No Ordinary Life

No Ordinary Life tells the story of a young couple’s experience of World War II and its influence on their lives.

It’s a story of love and its resilience during extraordinarily difficult times, the time before, during and just after World War II. Their participation took them from war-torn Glasgow and the battlefields in France, North Africa and a small Greek Island in the Aegean, to life in a German POW Camp and a timber camp in the Highlands of Scotland.

When the war finally ended, they left Scotland as ‘Ten Pound Poms’ and established a new life in Australia, far away from memories that were best left behind. This book is as much about the times in which they lived as it is about them.

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Private CRL Smith

A digger’s story from the Western Front

“Just at dawn, he began to shell us. I thought the end had come, as four chaps that were in the same room as I was got killed. A shell landed in the street, only a few yards off.”

During World War I, the diggers were rarely safe, even when they were miles away from the front line.

This book provides a glimpse into a private’s experience on the frontline. It is  based on the war diary of Private Charles Robert Lumsden Smith but is set within the broader context of World War I: the events that led up to the outbreak of war, the battles in which Private Smith fought, and others that influenced him or the outcome of the war.

It is the story of one man, amongst the hundreds of thousands of young Australians, who fought in a war that changed the face of Europe and spawned the nationalism that set the foundations for the next world war.

About the Author

Anne is a retired science teacher who started her working life as a medical scientist. She followed a passion to become a teacher and taught Science in the western suburbs of Sydney before taking up a position at a large independent school in the city where she taught for thirty years.

Retirement brought time to write, first about her children and the remarkable journey they shared in The Gift of Adoption, and then about her parents’ experience of World War I, No Ordinary Life. Her latest book, Private CRL Smith, tells another family wartime story; this time about a young Aussie on the Western Front during World I. Anne states: “You won’t find his name amongst the heroes written about in the history books, but he was one of the many unsung heroes of a war too willing to sacrifice young lives.”

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