ISBN 978-1-923156-64-7


Some of us dream when we sleep. Some of us walk in between the realms of the subconscious and reality. 

It’s tough being a sixteen-year-old girl who hides in the shadows of others. It’s even tougher when you’re trying to balance living in two worlds—reality and the dreamworld.

When Eleanor falls asleep, she begins to remember her dreams in vivid detail. At first, it starts trivial; she befriends a beautiful magician named Hal who shows her the enthralling magic of the dreamworld, taking her to places she could only, well, dream of.

Soon, she begins to live in and out of her dreams, trying to keep her dual life from her friends and grandfather. But keeping the secret hidden from those around her becomes increasingly more difficult as she starts to lose consciousness during school, slipping into the dreamworld and waking with memory of haunting visions while surrounded by giggling peers.

While her social reputation feels like it’s hit rock-bottom, Eleanor somehow manages to catch the eye of the popular but mysterious Leigh Forrest, the school’s golden bad-boy. As Eleanor dives deeper into the fantastical dreamworld, the rose-coloured filter wears off and a sense of real danger creeps in, one that threatens her own existence and that of all who call the dreamworld home.

Pulled into a whirlwind of events that shake the two realms, Eleanor is forced to look inside herself and question everything she knows about her reality and those around her.