ISBN 978-1-923088-17-7

Everything That Stands

Dare you push against the doors?

Will you brave the darkness to find your light?

September 3, 1978.

At the height of the revolutionary war for Rhodesia, twin brothers face a harrowing ordeal when their passenger plane the Viscount Hunyani is struck down by a SAM-7 missile.

In escaping the wreckage, Baron and Blaise Black, co-incidental players in a conflict they neither desire, nor fully comprehend, witness a calculated act of brutality that sets them on a relentless and hazardous journey through unforgiving African bush.

The consciousness of the older twin becomes a prism through which the complexities of purpose, truth, and conscience are explored, against the backdrop of civilians forced to confront unbearable choices.

With this debut novel, the author invites readers to extend their search for meaning beyond the doors of the known, to the undiscovered country that beckons to us all.

Jeremy Holt self-published author

About the Author

Jeremy grew up in Durban, South Africa, during the turbulent, apartheid-era Sixties, and countercultural Seventies. For forty years, he has worked in various educational communities across the globe as a teacher, mentor, lecturer, sports-coach, residential leader, and consultant.

Apart from guarding against his life-narrative becoming an idiot’s tale, Jeremy nurtures a love of family, along with an admixture of literature, philosophy, writing, rugby, and swimming. He is married to Anne, a theatre-nurse manager, who spent her youth in Salisbury, Rhodesia. They are based in Hidden Valley, north of Melbourne, Australia, where their search for meaning continues.

Jeremy’s debut novel, Everything That Stands, is the first book of a larger conceptual framework, The Baron Black Trilogy.