ISBN 978-0-6485111-6-8
ISBN 978-0-6486785-1-9

In Body, In Mind

Sam Kane is an academic psychologist, his life and work expressing the capabilities of his mind. Sam’s wife Rachel is a veteran athlete who has celebrated the prowess of her body in sports played at the highest levels. They’re an odd couple, with differing abilities, passions and world views, yet happy together and still very much in love.

Different challenges prompt them to finish their careers and settle into lives characterised by declining health, loss, dependence and uncertainty. Ever defiant, Rachel attempts to rebuild her sense of self-worth and her faith in God, and to atone for her self-centred and imperfect life. Sam is forced down a path of increasing isolation and despair, towards a final act of great scholarship through which he tries to recover his faith in love.

Sam and Rachel are surrounded by family and close friends who are likewise tested by careers, relationships, temptations and tragedies. They are confronted by ideas that inspire them, memories that terrify them, secrets that suffocate them, and choices that shape them.

In Body, In Mind is a philosophical novel thirty years in the making which explores the contrasts that colour the Australian landscape: blackness and whiteness, city and country, joy and despair, knowledge and faith, being and becoming, selfishness and sacrifice, fear and grace, body and mind. It challenges us to be aware of our choices, and to accept responsibility for the self we become.