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Girls are Pearls: One Woman’s Act of Resistance to Despair

Heather Anne Bloom must be read with a couple of health warnings! First of all, the narrative of her life will make you re-examine your own, or at least that was so when I sat and read this book. She writes with such a measure of self reflection and self understanding, and with doses of humour about the circumstances that led her to India, and to doing something about her particular passion for promoting the well being of girls and young women. Her story is a salutary reminder that adversity offers no excuses, and the much more is yet to be done if all are to have the opportunity to live with dignity and develop their God given talents. Yet it shows that the efforts of one with a band of friends can make a real difference. There is a lightness of touch about the way Heather speaks of her achievements that is at once attractive and challenging. This is a book that will warm your heart while at the same time make your armchair less comfortable !

And the second health warning? It’s this: read Heather’s story and you will want to book your own flight for an adventure in India!

The Right Reverend Lindsay Urwin OGS

About the Author

Heather Anne Bloom, was born in Shimla, summer capital of the British Raj in India. She grew up in an Essex village in England and emigrated to Melbourne, Australia as an adult. Mother of two children, her previous book The War Against Apathy describes the joys and difficulties of living with the severe form of autism which afflicted her son, Laurence. Now in retirement she keeps herself busy with charity work in India, advocating for her son and other disabled people, playing the piano and a relatively new passion, writing books. Girls are Pearls is dedicated to the memory of her daughter Lorraine and inspired by the courage and actions of her parents, Teresa and Colin.