ISBN 978-1-922722-72-0

The Devil Thumbs a Ride

A biography of transgression and hope

We had just arrived in Denpasar for a ten-day Balinese holiday. I was with a young and beautiful girlfriend. We walked through the airport terminal and joined the queue for customs. No-one knew that I had smuggled a substantial amount of heroin and methadone onto the plane and was now carrying it through the airport.

After waiting in the queue for just a couple of minutes, I noticed an Indonesian policeman looking at me. As I looked away, I realised that he had started walking towards me, and he had a sniffer dog. All I had was a few seconds to think of something, anything. Perhaps a distraction of some kind… and it was going to have to be a bloody good one.

I stepped out of the line.

About the Author

I was born in the north of England and moved to Australia as a teenager. Growing up sailing and surfing, I quickly learned to love the ocean, the night sky, and nature. Married with two teenage daughters and a magic cat called Django, I rent a small house in the dunes by the sea. I have been a songwriter, rock musician, poet, and writer for decades.

My band “The Fyoogs” have just released a new album called DUST, and I have already written another album which will be recorded soon.