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Blue Water Warriors

Blue Water Warriors tells the story to the early Sydney to Hobart yacht races. Drawing on log books and memories of the navigator on a legendary competing yacht, a living part of Australia’s maritime history.

The Mistral II’s crew encountered dangers and hazards not generally faced by today’s competitors, without life rafts, radios and no propeller that was deliberately removed. At one point there were death-defying moments where Mistral II came terrifyingly close to being smashed against the tremendous cliffs of Tasman Island.

Blue Water Warriors chronicles the fierce rivalry between Mistral II and Morna, at that time the most famous yachts in Australia, and tells of more relaxed times on the return voyages to Sydney

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The KGB’s Genius of Illusion

The space race started just after World War 11. It was to be an epic battle between the Soviet Union and the United States of America. World dominance and superiority was the coveted prize.
Espionage was rife.

Soviet Dimitri Azorov infiltrated into the USA. He mingled into society and influential circles with high success whilst despatching vital information on metallurgy.

Simultaneously a disgruntled former Japanese soldier attempts to sabotage several metal foundries producing exotic alloys for rocket components.

About the Author

I have learned so much about this race, the yachts and the people of the era and for that I am better educated and wiser. I hope some of this rubs off onto you, the reader.

I was fortunate enough to sit on the balcony of a cruise ship for a few days while working on this book. I would often gaze out to sea and contemplate the vastness of the ocean and the braveness and tenacity of the sailors in the early days. They truly were ‘blue water warriors’.