ISBN 978-1-922629-73-9

A Treasure to the Service

The Historical Memoirs and a Biography of Admiral Sir Richard Goodwin Keats.

Built around a hand-written memoir this work examines the career, life and character of Nelson’s favourite captain who remains a neglected star of the Age of Sail.

An active career in the Royal Navy spanning the American and French Wars saw Keats showcasing his skills as one of the most talented sea officers of his generation.

Possessing a touch for navigation in difficult waters, topped with a degree of daring and incomparable seamanship, Keats was sure to prove himself at sea: whether in a frigate squadron, as captain of a ship of the line or a flag officer, but showed himself equally capable as a diplomat, as Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Newfoundland and for many years Governor and one of the Commissioners of the Royal Hospital Greenwich.

About the Author

Peter Hannah is a lawyer and amateur historian with a family connection to Admiral Keats and an interest in the Age of Sail. He has previously contributed to works in the law and maritime heritage. A project to transcribe a handwritten memoir of the Admiral’s naval career led to further investigation and to a more significant undertaking examining the totality of his career and seeking a more detailed understanding of the character of Nelson’s favourite captain.