ISBN 978-1-922722-37-9

The Girl From Ireland

After one year he came to this city, he was hospitalised with chest pain. The doctor who treated him believed it was a stroke and was muddled that strokes are not possible at this age. He then decided to change things around and to focus on his life, as he mentioned.

“She is everything to me and I would do anything to put a smile on her face. However, if something happens to me, she will never come to know. The sufferings will only occur to my family and it is not their fault that I failed.”

This book is about a guy who starts a ‘social media’ relationship and his willing to meet a girl in person. What are the reasons, facts and mistakes behind the actions of these two people from different worlds. Remember: actions speak louder than words. I hope the readers can relate to the story and can learn a important lesson from it. Read on…

Amar Grewal Author

About the Author

Intimate relationships are rare and how huge is the need of sharing one’s struggles and hopes with someone. That was the fuel for an online search during the Covid-19 pandemic. The author is just a friend of a guy who wants to disclosure a contemporaneous experience that had highs and lows. However, he still believes life is worth living when there is one to ride this journey together.