ISBN 978-1-922629-79-1

Stories of Palastoke

The Magical Academy of Steltaria

In the country of Palastoke, where magic is utilised daily and people prosper, all aspiring wizards and witches begin their learning in the years of their thirteenth birthdays.

Astrid Mesteela is another one of these aspiring witches, eager to learn magic and prove herself in magical combat at Steltaria Junior Academy. It could not be more exciting – many new friends to make, many spells to learn, and many ways to begin her dreams of acquiring fame. Life goes as planned, but when an expensive merchant organisation arrives at the academy for business, it turns out to be related to something more sinister…

About the Author

Chris Goranitis is a university student currently studying business. He has always been intrigued by many fantasy worlds, but there has always been one specific type of world in his imagination that he has been unable to find. This has inspired him to create the universe he has been searching for, taking inspiration from many other stories.