ISBN 978-1-923156-37-1 

How Low Can You Go?

Nutritious meals from $30 per week

This book has over 80 recipes that prove it can be down. Yet this is more than a recipe book. It is a book for our times, giving you the edge in a crisis. You will learn what foods to buy and when, supermarket psychology and how to stay ahead of the game when things change. There are tricks for when a favourite food becomes expensive and ideas on free foods that might be right underneath your feet.

Just how low can you go? For most of us, 40% of what we currently spend on food.

A family of four can feed themselves for $90 per week.

When Kimberley Gillan stopped work due to illness, drastic changes were needed for her family to keep a roof over their heads. The challenge was, how low could she go on groceries, while providing the 17 more essential vitamins and minerals her family needed and still having weekly treats, snacks, and celebrations. Over seven years of trial and error she learnt more than how to survive; she learnt a recipe for a better life.

Here it is, a set of instructions on how to play the grocery game and win.

About the author

Kimberley Gillan’s processional career has included being a fairy princess at a theme park, an economic development officer, policy writer and strategic planner. She has a Bachelor of Community, Planning and Development, graduation with honours and a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning. Her Master’s dissertation was on Food Security.

Kimberley lives with her husband Keith, and his cat, on the Atherton Tablelands and now writes full time.