ISBN 978-1-922337-75-7

Who Can Save the Dolphins?

Ten year old Sam loves to watch the river. But her world soon changes that there are lethal dangers lurking in the water–and they are killing the dolphins. Sam and her friends could not have foreseen the impact of their quest to save the dolphins, nor the danger they were in.

Brian Gillan’s book is a realistic story of the plight of a dolphin – capturing the attention of the reader, young and old, empowering people to be more careful about the disposal of rubbish.

Dr Michele Blewit – Project Director, AUSMAP

A vivid story about how one young dolphin fell victim to a plastic bag will go a long way toward ensuring young people do not repeat the careless littering mistakes of previous generations.

Dr Mike Bossley – Marine Biologist and Conservationist

About the Author

Brian Gillian is the original Captain Brine. He has written the book from his experience…. it is based on his true story.