ISBN 978-1-922527-93-6

Nana’s Trip at the Beach

Going to the beach can be a simple everyday outing for many families. Sometimes ‘though, life has unexpected surprises.

This is the story that would not usually be put on social media, but is closer to the truth for some families, especially those with active, adventurous children.

ISBN 978-1-922803-29-0

My Brother is Special. I am Special Too

Many families with one child with special needs have other children. It is important for these children, who often need to wait and grow up a bit faster whilst a parent attends to the child with special needs, to know that they are special too.

About the Author

Terry has had over 30 years of reading many children’s stories to children and having adventures with many children and families. This is the first book of the adventures of two very special children and their family.

This was written for them and the first pictures were drawn for the family by Terry’s ten-year-old daughter Carla.

As the family showed it to a number of people who enjoyed it, Terry and Carla decided to share the story “Nana’s Trip at the Beach” with you.