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ISBN 978-0-6485046-9-6

Emigrazione Samese: Eu Vaio E Torno

Emigrazione Samese – EU Vaio E Torno is a history of the families that left their small village of Samo in Reggio Calabria, Italy for Melbourne Australia. Some came before World War I. Many fled from the difficulties of war-torn Italy after World War II. Their journey was typified by the Bonfa, D’Agostino and Verzaci families. They lived side by side in Samo for many years and left when Australia offered opportunities in stark contrast to their beloved village then bereft of employment.

Once arrived, the Samese worked hard and prospered in Melbourne – a big city quite unlike their village home. They worked in factories, fields, building sites and restaurants, often starting their own enterprises. They struggled with language and a different culture. A mixture of determination, ability and a little luck saw them build families, houses and careers.

This book is a tribute to their courage and vision and a recognition of their success.

About the Author

I was born in Samo in 1948 and emigrated to Australia at 9 years of age.

My mother Caterina, and my two brothers Peitro and Vincenzo left Samo in 1957. My father Guiseppe Antonio had left the family five years earlier to ready the way to build a new life in Australia.

Growing up in Australia, I experienced difficulties typical to migrants who leave their home country to settle into a totally different culture.

These experiences motivated me to work on publishing this collection of family migrant stories. The stories are all from families who called the small village of Samo in Reggio Calabria, Italy home.

It is my hope that these stories will inspire and assist future generations to understand their origins and how they came to be in this great country.

The stories are a real testament of the courage and sacrifices made by all of the early migrants. They all shared the common goal of ensuring that their future generations would have greater opportunities in their new homeland of Australia.