ISBN 978-1-922803-31-3

Five Minutes to Midnight

The average life-expectancy of an Australian male is 81.5 years. In view of my proximity to that lapidary age, I thought it was time to record those parts of my life as yet unchronicled. These reminiscences are bookended by the 2021 recollections of my wife Jo and myself, who count ourselves fortunate to be based in Adelaide, one of the world’s safest and most liveable cities.

ISBN 978-1-923088-97-9

Unsent Letters

A potpourri of propositions on topics of the day; few subjects escape the chronicling pen of a Burnside scribe, as the calendar year 2023 continues its diurnal round.

Unsent Letters is a wry take on contemporary trends in the increasingly crazy world we inhabit, as well as a hymn to Australia, a paean to the defunct British Empire and a lament for the leaving of Languedoc, Peter and Jo’s one-time second home.

About the Author

Born in Australia through fortunes of war, Peter Emery spent his formative years in Malaysia and Scotland before embarking on a teaching career, which took him to most countries of the Arab World, culminating in a stint as Visiting Professor of Translation Studies at UAE University, Al-Ain, 2010-2013.