ISBN 978-1-922527-43-1

Until The End

Set on the beaches that stretch along the far north-eastern reaches of Tasmania, ‘Until The End’ is a story of the bond between two brothers that has been forged on family separation. They journey together through personal disappointment, teenage wildness, emotional struggle, and eventually the loss of the older brother’s life to suicide.

A gripping read that delves into the depths of the aftermath, the devastation that it has on the family, and the distance it takes the younger brother on his own journey.

About the Author

This is the first story written by Drew Westfield, who grew up in suburban Launceston, Tasmania. This story follows Drew around with a move to Brisbane, a return to Launceston, Hobart and eventually Melbourne. Drew has since dedicated his life and work to improving the physical and mental health of himself and now those around him after the experiences that he shares in this novel.