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About the book

IN THE SECOND book of this sci-fi trilogy with a utopian twist, Samuel, a small-town lawyer, is selected to lead Earth towards a new, peaceful future. His instructor, from the planet Daen, is from a race called the Eshari, who have been following the progress of planet Earth for centuries. Samuel receives intensive training to become an advanced form of human – an ʻAdultʼ – to guide the human race away from their primal and violent urges.

With powerful people and entire governments rendered unable to stand against him, Samuel begins to make changes. Rock Knighton, the worldʼs master criminal who controls most of the crime on the planet, sees his empire shrinking as a result of Samuelʼs changes. He plans Samuelʼs downfall, using the vast resources at his disposal. The arrival of an alien spaceship that accidentally crash lands near a school controlled by Rock provides him with the treasure trove of advanced technology he needs to defeat the enhanced being Samuel. The showdown between Samuel and Rock leaves Earthʼs future hanging in the balance.

“This is a book that any Sci-Fi fan would greedily consume and be left eagerly awaiting the next in the series”

5 Star Review ~ Pacific Book Review

About the Author

Author David Alomes

David Alomes was born in a small mining town in regional Australia. His father, a highly decorated police officer, instilled a strong sense of right and wrong in him from an early age. He is married with three children and has had a 40-year career as a CPA and Financial Planner.

Discussing the world’s ills with his eldest daughter one day, he found a strong voice for changing how things should be and decided to turn his hand to writing. He has undertaking writing courses and been professionally coached. His first book received praise from readers and reviewers alike.

David is optimistic about the future, in spite of all the world’s ills. He believes that, somehow, we will find a way to overcome the obstacles we face as a species and achieve harmony – but everything that is worthwhile is always a struggle.