ISBN 978-0-9873575-8-8

All about Glory

“All about Glory is a beautifully, and simply written book, which carries within its simplicity a vision loaded with the glory of God. As you read you will find yourself stopping, underlining, and rereading. You will think. You will ponder. You will wonder. You will hope. It will gradually dawn on yor that there is far more going on in your life than you ever dared to dream.”
C. Baxter Kruger, PH.D., Author of Across all Worlds and The Shack Revisited.

“In All about Glory the author has taken generations of theology and refined it into everyday language. This is not just another theology text-book: this is a life-book. It will help you to appreciate the magnificence of God’s glory and what it means for life.”
Rev. Mark Stevens, Pastor, Happy Valley Church of Christ, South Australia and Author of The Parsons Patch

About the Author

David Kowalick is maried to Catherine and they have four adult children. David is an ordained minister of the Uniting Church in Australia (A union of Methodist, Presbyterian, and Congregational churches) and has been a local church minister for the past twenty years. In addition he is a board member of Perichoresis Australia and chairperson of Godwit Ministeries – an internationasl not for profit Bible-teaching ministry that provides theological and biblical studies for pastors and church leaders throughout Asia an beyond.