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The Happy Marriage

A guidebook to intimacy & closeness

“In The Happy Marriage you’re going to understand what you need to have the intimacy you desire.” – Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo ONE Extraordinary Marriage podcast

“Everyone wants a happy marriage. But life and relationships can be tough. We make so many mistakes and sometimes we just find ourselves drifting apart. How do we build the marriage we want? A close, intimate, hot and fun marriage. I discovered that if we work on just 3 areas, we can build lasting intimacy into our marriage. And that makes us happy.” – Darren Chapman

The Happy Marriage is written like a guidebook to help you build your connection, get on the same page and go in the same direction. You’ll find that intimacy is a natural by-product when you work on these areas.

Get closer with date night ideas and questions for yourself and each other. Come together on important topics like money, sex, family and parenting and your dreams and goals for the future.

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About the Author

Darren Chapman loves being married to Beck. They’ve been married for 22 years. They have 3 teenage boys and a little girl and live in Newcastle, Australia. He is passionate about happy, healthy marriages that go the distance.