ISBN 978-1-923088-71-9

The Cydarions

A group of dedicated warriors, called the Cydarions, fight for you and your way of life. Using their faith and the Calling to guide their way through a series of adventures to face off with the ultimate evil.

Lucifer’s offspring wreak havoc on interplanetary worlds causing chaos and mayhem. Their unsuspecting citizens fall prey to evil ways, bringing the downfall of society as they know it.

Our heroes step through a portal, from the safety of their hidden citadel on El’ Azar, into unknown places filled with mystery and danger. As they traverse these lands, they learn more about each other and their new surroundings, relying on their training and wits to stay alive.

Will they all survive?

This new breed of devil is getting smarter and the Cydarions are out manoeuvred, with disastrous consequences.

The whole dynamic of the group is affected and they need to adapt.

The mere survival of our worlds depends upon these unknown fighters for justice and peace.

They don’t ask for recognition or payment; they simply ask for faith.

Adrian Cox self-published author

About the Author

Adrian Cox is a British-Australian author who seeks adventure and enjoys learning about different cultures. He lives with an elderly cat and his partner. They both like long walks in the countryside, where inspiration can be found wherever he wanders. Being influenced by his surroundings and current affairs, Adrian is often seen writing down new ideas.

In his spare time, he can be found at his local bar expanding his creativity. He is also an avid Star Wars fan and collector.