ISBN 978-1-922803-57-3

90 Day Musician’s Diary

A powerful tool to help musicians of all skill levels achieve their goals.

You’ll be surprised what can be achieved in 90 days

  1. Set achievable goals and knock them over like dominoes.
  2. Do not skip days.
  3. Write an entry every day, even if you didn’t play a thing that day.
  4. Most importantly: STICK WITH IT! Don’t give up halfway, everything is hard before it gets easy.

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Why Can’t I Play Like Jimmy?

Guitar Rut Remedies

Well, play something different, something new for a start.

Listen to some different styles and stop playing the same riffs you’ve been playing over and over for years on end.

Learn new chords and strumming techniques, challenge yourself a bit and you’ll be drawn to your guitar.

Once you develop a practice and growth mindset you won’t be able to walk past your guitar without picking it up.

Develop the habits of a master in the making and a master you will become.