ISBN 978-1-923214-34-7

The Quoll, the Pobblebonk and the Big Race

For years, the Quoll and the Pobblebonk have been battling to claim ownership of the prized piece of bushland in the cave. They decide to have a Big Race to settle the score, once and for all.

When Quoll’s six pups go missing, she thinks this is one of Pobblebonk’s nasty ploys to throw her off course. Will Quoll find her pups? Who will win the Big Race? 

Melissa Chilov self-published author

About the Author

This is the debut novel written by Melissa Chilov. She was motivated by her love of Australian native animals and her two school-age sons. Melissa’s other pastimes include being an optometrist, gourmet cooking and dining, and caring for her family pets (a cat and an axolotl).