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Monarch of the Mob

Story of Roy Rene Mo Comedian

Harry Van der Sluice, an Adelaide boy, performed circus acts at home on Saturdays.

When the family decided to move to Melbourne, Harry, now known as Roy, establishes himself as a singer and dancer.

After the entrepreneur Ben Fuller sees Roy’s act, he signs him for tours around Australia and New Zealand.

Recognising Roy’s exceptional talent, the Fuller management team him with Nathan Phillips. This marks the beginning of Roy’s remarkable career on the Australian variety stage.

Gae Anderson author

About the Author

Gae Anderson, born and educated in Wagga Wagga, NSW, worked there as a stenographer for three years. With her sights set on an acting career, Gae moved to Sydney to live and work. An actor friend encouraged her to audition for NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art) a two-year acting course at the time. Taking his advice, she was accepted. Gae remained a theatre performer for almost twenty years.

Her decision to move to Melbourne to live and work precipitated a change of direction toward university study and teaching.

In 1989, Gae returned to Sydney to live permanently. She gained her MA in Theatre Studies at the UNSW and PhD in Arts at Sydney University.

Professor Webby, Gae’s supervisor, encouraged her to convert her two-volume doctoral thesis into a book.

Tivoli King: The Life of Harry Rickards Vaudeville Showman was published in 2009. Wielding the Brush: Esther Paterson A lifetime in Australian Art followed in 2016.

BRAND, Anette

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Academic Language Functions


Vocabulary, Learning Activities and BOARD GAMES

This book is a great classroom resource for teachers who work in the English Language domain. The content materials are suitable for upper-intermediate and advanced-level English speakers, including school students Year 10 to Year 12, ESL adult learners, and individuals who need to sit the academic IELTS.

The worksheets and board games are designed to facilitate group learning in a fun and interactive way, although students can also do the activities individually.

Another great feature of this resource is that ANSWERS are included!

Academic Language Functions:

  • Introduces a bank of vocabulary with short practice activities
  • Provides opportunities for students to develop speaking skills by playing board games
  • Encourages students to use the target language to improve their writing skills


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Where There’s Smoke

From beneath the ashes of war, loss and prejudice, Mae Baak clambered out cradling an ember that set everything she touched aflame. It’s the kind of fire that thaws your heart, a fire that refines you.

A fire that brings dead men back to life.

Where there's smoke Mae Baak

About the Author

Mae Baak is a Christian based in Australia whose ministry continues to impact thousands in Australia, Europe, and Africa.

After first hearing of Christ as a young child in her native Netherlands, Mae immigrated to Australia. This move brought new challenges and a radical conversion, followed by a powerful and ongoing ministry. That ministry ranged from leading people to Christ through personal evangelism, as a church leader, a church planter in Australia and Europe, and as an international speaker.

Her ministry is characterised by compassion, practical Bible teaching, and the prophetic.

Mae was nominated for Australian of the Year in 2007 for her work in Uganda, pioneered a movement that empowered women in religious, political and social fields and devoted her life to help those in need across Europe and Africa.

Kavitha Writer Where there's smoke Mae Baak

About the Writer

Kavitha Anandasivam is a Sri Lankan Australian actress, known for starring in SBS’s 2019 mini-series, The Hunting. in 2019, the Casting Guild of Australia named her among their 10 Rising Stars to watch.

SAUNDERS, Stavroula

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A Hyphenated Life

Lula Saunders has written a heart-warming memoir, which brings to life a migrant experience of living in two cultures in Australian society. From a Greek café in a country town to urban Sydney we accompany her journey, sometimes confusing, sometimes challenging, often amusing, but always enriching. The writing is superb, I envy her that enrichment.

Dr Betsy Wearing
Associate Professor, Sociology,
University of NSW (retired)

Stavrola Saunders author

About the Author

Lula (Stavroula) Saunders grew up in the White Rose Café in the small NSW town of Cootamundra, followed by ten years in the Capitol Café Adelong, on the foothillls of the Snowy Mountains. Her move to Sydney meant leaving behind her café world and moving into a world of words and books; first in a Christian Bookshop, then several years at the University Co-op Bookshop. This was followed by being appointed as the first Cultural Diversity Co-ordinator at the Australian Museum and later at the National Maritime Museum. Other stories for other times.


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Gratitude on Country

A cry for a Simpler Life

The ‘Gratitude on Country’ pledge  (United Nations 9th August First Nations and Caring for Planet Earth) is building awareness of well-being, custodianship and a collective shared vision of gratitude for a better world for the next generation.

Where there's smoke Mae Baak

About the Author

Craig has worked in government, not for profit and private business, overseeing a range of community services and facilities over 25+ years. This has involved leading community & Business teams to nurture a healthy view in the world we live in.

Craig’s interests include well-being, personal development, a regular yoga/meditation practice, sustainable food systems, equality & an understanding of the business world, with a vision to inspire people to take a holistic view of the world and align and reconnect with the rhythm of nature.

Craig facilitates and consults ‘Wellness in the workplace programs’ and Cultivating Wisdom workshops for Men across Country.

‘Living Well’ consults and coaches a number of local, national and international business in a range of industry sectors. How we live on country, trade and care for people and place will contribute to a better world for all of us.

Craig contributes to the ‘Wellbeing Initiative’ located on the East coast of Australia, and serving on a number of community organisations through his ‘Wellness in the Workplace’ programs.

Craig lives in Adelaide, South Australia in Aldinga Beach, 40 minutes south of the city centre nestled in the Aldinga Conservation Park (The Scrub).

HALL, Dr Beverly & Ronald

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The Spirit of Pehdzeh Ki

Maintaining a sustainable lifestyle and following traditional values in the face of a barrage of mining and Canadian business interests is quite a challenge.

This book is a comprehensive account of the history, lifestyle and values of a small Slavey Dene community in the Northwest Territories of Canada. The community is located north of the 60th parallel in the middle of the Deh Cho (Mackenzie River) Valley. It is about the history of the Dene people in attempting to maintain their traditional lifestyle and as much as possible sovereignty over their land. The Dene have a long tradition in the north dating back almost 30,000 years. These traditional people have maintained the integrity of their land by respecting what it has to offer. For the Dene life is part of the land and its maintenance is important for the future. The Dene see the land as providing for their people a spirit which became a way of life.

About the Author

This book has been written by an Australia couple who as adult educators first lived in Pehdzeh Ki family years ago with their young family. It gives an account of the day-to-day experiences of this family as they worked in the community. They learned about sustainability and the traditional knowledge needed for survival in a completely different environment to what their experiences were in Australia. In return they set about helping to develop some of the skills and knowledge needed by the local people to operate in a European system. The community were attempting to achieve this without the loss of their traditional values or dignity while maintaining their Dene language.