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Property Investing Roadmap

How to build an income from property for life

Residential or commercial? Renovate or redevelop? Australians enjoy a feast of options when it comes to the nation’s favourite investment – property. But while most people only achieve one investment property, you can take your wealth to far greater heights using the right strategies.

In Property Investing Roadmap – How to build an income from property for life, Damian Collins, one of Australia’s most respected property experts, guides you through the spectrum of property-related choices, from how to buy your first rental property through to sophisticated strategies such as leveraging equity, property development, and diversifying a portfolio through commercial property.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • Why you need to invest
  • Signs that a property and location have growth potential
  • Strategies to manage cash flow as a property investor
  • How to build a team of experts to guide you on your property journey
  • Why the time to take action is now
  • How to complete a successful development project
  • Why it makes sense to start with residential and end with commercial property
Damian Collins self-published author

About the Author

A professional property investor for over 30 years, Damian Collins left his career as a Chartered Accountant to build a multi-million dollar personal property portfolio. As founder and Managing Director of residential property investment advisory, Momentum Wealth, and Chairman of property funds management company Westbridge Funds Management, Damian has championed opportunities for all Australians to reap the rewards of property investing. A former President of the Real Estate Institute of WA, Damian is regularly sought-after for commentary in media outlets as diverse as the Australian Financial Review, Australian Property Investor and Money magazine.

GILLAN, Kimberley

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How Low Can You Go?

Nutritious meals from $30 per week

This book has over 80 recipes that prove it can be down. Yet this is more than a recipe book. It is a book for our times, giving you the edge in a crisis. You will learn what foods to buy and when, supermarket psychology and how to stay ahead of the game when things change. There are tricks for when a favourite food becomes expensive and ideas on free foods that might be right underneath your feet.

Just how low can you go? For most of us, 40% of what we currently spend on food.

A family of four can feed themselves for $90 per week.

When Kimberley Gillan stopped work due to illness, drastic changes were needed for her family to keep a roof over their heads. The challenge was, how low could she go on groceries, while providing the 17 more essential vitamins and minerals her family needed and still having weekly treats, snacks, and celebrations. Over seven years of trial and error she learnt more than how to survive; she learnt a recipe for a better life.

Here it is, a set of instructions on how to play the grocery game and win.

About the author

Kimberley Gillan’s processional career has included being a fairy princess at a theme park, an economic development officer, policy writer and strategic planner. She has a Bachelor of Community, Planning and Development, graduation with honours and a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning. Her Master’s dissertation was on Food Security.

Kimberley lives with her husband Keith, and his cat, on the Atherton Tablelands and now writes full time.


ISBN 978-1-922890-96-2

Busy Person’s Cookbook

For busy people and working parents

Having a busy life either with kids, work or all the many other things that come at you sometimes you just run out of time. You want to make nutritious, tasty meals for your family or for yourself but the clock is against you.

You want to try something new only to look at a recipe and there is a list of ingredients as long as your arm, 30min prep time and 60 min cook time, really who has the time.

We see meals made in 30 min but a lot of the time it is full of pasta or television chefs telling you how easy it is when they have an army of people probably doing their prep. Inside are recipes and meal ideas form busy people, everyday people like my mum, aunty and work colleagues just trying to do it all.

All recipes will have no more than 6-8 ingredients with very little fuss or mess.

You add what you like and take out what you don’t.

WHEELER, Correna

ISBN 978-1-922803-95-5

Moving to a New School

Created for Defence Families and Children

Hello and Welcome to Your New School!

Are you a Defence student moving or posting to a new city, and do you get worried and upset because you don’t know what your new school will be like?

This book is a great navigational tool and has been creatively designed to support the Defence family and child through the New School experience.


ISBN 978-1-922803-57-3

90 Day Musician’s Diary

A powerful tool to help musicians of all skill levels achieve their goals.

You’ll be surprised what can be achieved in 90 days

  1. Set achievable goals and knock them over like dominoes.
  2. Do not skip days.
  3. Write an entry every day, even if you didn’t play a thing that day.
  4. Most importantly: STICK WITH IT! Don’t give up halfway, everything is hard before it gets easy.

ISBN 978-1-922803-88-7​

Why Can’t I Play Like Jimmy?

Guitar Rut Remedies

Well, play something different, something new for a start.

Listen to some different styles and stop playing the same riffs you’ve been playing over and over for years on end.

Learn new chords and strumming techniques, challenge yourself a bit and you’ll be drawn to your guitar.

Once you develop a practice and growth mindset you won’t be able to walk past your guitar without picking it up.

Develop the habits of a master in the making and a master you will become.


ISBN 978-1-922629-08-1

The Seven Stories we tell Ourselves

Through all the events of our lives, we take the “facts” and arrange them into narratives that we tell ourselves.

Did you know we only have 7 basic stories from which to create these narratives?

And you can choose your narrative. But there are consequences
to the narrative that we tell ourselves. Each narrative has a pathway to resolution, a direction we must take. Each narrative can either serve us or hinder us in finding contentment and control in our lives. We can choose our narrative actively and therefore have control over our lives or we can allow ourselves
to choose subconsciously and accept the consequences of this.

The Seven Stories We Tell Ourselves provides a framework for understanding how we are telling our stories to ourselves.
It shows us the alternatives available for us to change our narratives and how we must proceed within our lives toward resolution of our daily conflicts and struggles. It is filled with inspiring stories and examples as well as tools to help us become the captain of our own ship, to be in charge of our own lives and to LIVE CONSCIOUSLY.

About the Author

Angela Tomlinson lives to add value to every endeavour she pursues and to the lives of each person she meets, which is lived out in her work as a personal development coach. Holding a BA in Comparative Literature and a DipEd, Angela has been an educator for over twenty years. She is an experienced public speaker and is the co-founder of Podium Public Speaking.

The Seven Stories We Tell Ourselves is Angela’s first book, but she warns there will be many.

Angela can be found at and is available for coaching, workshops and public speaking events.