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Shepory Crossing: Jim’s Story

When the Shepherd family and the Gregory family pool their resources and talents the results are impressive and have repercussions far beyond the confines of the Kirconnell Valley.

Jim’s Story traces the growth of an Australian community from the 1890s through the global influences of two world wars and an economic depression. The story parallels the development of the Australian nation as it grew from a colonial outpost that rode on the sheep’s back toward the cosmopolitan society we know today.

Shepory Crossing’s characters experience floods, bushfires, economic growth and depression, the cannon-fodder controversies of WW1, the bitter divisiveness of conscription, the fall of Singapore and the horrors of Changi and the Burma railway. The story examines the effects of tariff protectionism in the 50s and the opening up of the outback by the motor car and the aeroplane.

Written in the first person by Jim Gregory, Shepory Crossing contains believable characters, historically accurate events and deeply moving romances.

Historical figures such as Breaker Morant and Henry Lawson stroll through its pages and touch on real episodes from my own family history.

MAHON, Craig

ISBN 978-1-923214-11-8

Pulp and Papermakers Fiction

A novel

Larrikin Papermakers of the 1980’s in Australia

Pulp and Papermakers Fiction is a story that takes you back to Melbourne Australia in the 80s and follows the life of a Green Papermaker enjoying the simple times of the Era. An Era that saw the last hoorah of the “Great Australian Larrikin!”

Follow the times of Craig Nelson as he enters the fray of working life with all its highs and lows. Upon entering the world of Papermaking on Shiftwork Craig encounters a new world full of different characters who always made life interesting and helped him look at life as an adventure. You will read of characters that you just don’t see any more, as individuality seems to be lost in today’s busy so called connected world.

It also gives a light insight into the Papermaking process which is an Industry that is, and has always been, quite small in this country.

So buckle up for a totally different story that is lightly informative but mainly comical, due to it amazing cast of Pulp and Papermaking Aussie Larrikins!

HSU, Nel

ISBN 978-1-923156-64-7


Some of us dream when we sleep. Some of us walk in between the realms of the subconscious and reality. 

It’s tough being a sixteen-year-old girl who hides in the shadows of others. It’s even tougher when you’re trying to balance living in two worlds—reality and the dreamworld.

When Eleanor falls asleep, she begins to remember her dreams in vivid detail. At first, it starts trivial; she befriends a beautiful magician named Hal who shows her the enthralling magic of the dreamworld, taking her to places she could only, well, dream of.

Soon, she begins to live in and out of her dreams, trying to keep her dual life from her friends and grandfather. But keeping the secret hidden from those around her becomes increasingly more difficult as she starts to lose consciousness during school, slipping into the dreamworld and waking with memory of haunting visions while surrounded by giggling peers.

While her social reputation feels like it’s hit rock-bottom, Eleanor somehow manages to catch the eye of the popular but mysterious Leigh Forrest, the school’s golden bad-boy. As Eleanor dives deeper into the fantastical dreamworld, the rose-coloured filter wears off and a sense of real danger creeps in, one that threatens her own existence and that of all who call the dreamworld home.

Pulled into a whirlwind of events that shake the two realms, Eleanor is forced to look inside herself and question everything she knows about her reality and those around her.

SEDKY, Sakhr

ISBN 978-1-923088-32-0

The Station by the Nursing Home

A Short Story Collection

This collection of short stories handles many aspects of life with very human touches in momentary situations.

The stories do not resort to prolong the place or time, but rather they are snapshots that flash and illuminate the situation without paradoxes.

The collection is unique in its treatment of human agony and worries at all levels and age groups.


ISBN 978-1-923156-34-0

The Last Head Hunters

Derrick Marsh returns to his home city after disappearing while living with the last head-hunting tribes in New Guinea.

However, shortly after he returns home, a strange and terrifying masked assailant begins disrupting the city, a police investigation, and a mining company connected to New Guinea.

The media immediately jump on the story, dubbing the assailant the Hectorville Head Hunter.

Notions of good and evil quickly blur, as Derrick is tested to make the right choices and to find the truth about New Guinea. But is Derrick really seeking the truth or just revenge against those who left him for dead?

JAMES, David

ISBN 978-1-922957-53-5

Born Without Wings

Hattie Newman is about to embark on the greatest adventure any normal young woman just graduated from university can start – moving out of home. However, with Hattie’s family home consisting o her human parents, an extra Angelic mother, and a fallen angel-turned-human third mother, and a literal host of celestial aunt and uncles, ‘normal’ is not a description often levelled at Hattie.

When, one-by-one, her angelic relatives start to disappear, Hattie finds herself thrust once again into the Great War between Heaven and Hell, only this time she doesn’t have the strength of her celestial family to help her.

And in trying to save them, the girl who was once called the ‘Wingless of Fear’ may finally discover just what fear really means.

Born Without Wings is the second novel in the the Wingless trilogy by David M. James and takes up Hattie’s story fifteen years after events in Wingless.

About the Author

David M. James is an avid writer and role-player, living in Canberra, Australia. With Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Education, David teaches computer games programming and physics to senior college students. When not in front of a class, David enjoys writing role-playing games and LARPs for gaming conventions, something he has been doing since 1986. David also helps run the Phenomenon Games Convention held in Canberra each year and has been an Aurealis Awards judge in the Science Fiction Short Story category.

In 2021 he self-published his first novel, Wingless, an urban fantasy about a group of Angels banished from heaven. His debut novel explored the concepts of free will, family and friendship and was a Book Excellence Awards Finalist for 2023.