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Frozen Tears

An autobiography

An honest recount of resilience, culture and the love of a mother

Reena Stocker has written this book to give courage to those who have lost hope in humanity – to teach others to rise from the ashes and find the strength within!

Speak up and be heard!

No one has to suffer in silence; they can take everything from us, but we always have our Soul which guides us and encourages us to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

JAMES, David

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Born Without Wings

Hattie Newman is about to embark on the greatest adventure any normal young woman just graduated from university can start – moving out of home. However, with Hattie’s family home consisting o her human parents, an extra Angelic mother, and a fallen angel-turned-human third mother, and a literal host of celestial aunt and uncles, ‘normal’ is not a description often levelled at Hattie.

When, one-by-one, her angelic relatives start to disappear, Hattie finds herself thrust once again into the Great War between Heaven and Hell, only this time she doesn’t have the strength of her celestial family to help her.

And in trying to save them, the girl who was once called the ‘Wingless of Fear’ may finally discover just what fear really means.

Born Without Wings is the second novel in the the Wingless trilogy by David M. James and takes up Hattie’s story fifteen years after events in Wingless.

About the Author

David M. James is an avid writer and role-player, living in Canberra, Australia. With Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Education, David teaches computer games programming and physics to senior college students. When not in front of a class, David enjoys writing role-playing games and LARPs for gaming conventions, something he has been doing since 1986. David also helps run the Phenomenon Games Convention held in Canberra each year and has been an Aurealis Awards judge in the Science Fiction Short Story category.

In 2021 he self-published his first novel, Wingless, an urban fantasy about a group of Angels banished from heaven. His debut novel explored the concepts of free will, family and friendship and was a Book Excellence Awards Finalist for 2023.


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Why Me

Dealing with grief

This book tells the true story of how the author used his Christian Faith to reassure and guide him through the time of his deepest grief following the premature death of his wife and mother of their six children.

This yellow Hibiscus represents Doris’ favourite colour. I picked a fresh flower each day, to put at her bedside in the vase shown in the picture. On one occasion, when wondering if there were flowers in Heaven, I looked up to see the sky filled with flowers. This must have been the answer!


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Miles Away

A Memoir

Including inside story of Eaglereach Wilderness Resort

Paul Miley was born in Albury and was a war baby. He was exposed to other cultures through the Columbo Plan at his school and the newly arrived post war migrants especially those working on the Snowy Mountains Scheme. His first international adventure was to the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 and then onto North America as a landed immigrant in Canada.

On returning to Australia he moved to Queensland and had the great fortune to secure a position with Qantas Airways which gave him a wide range of opportunities to travel by air internationally and receive a crash course in marketing which would become his other love.

After several executive positions in the tourism industry including at Gold Coast Tourism he spent a decade in various positions at Fairfax Media including at the Australian Financial Review, the Sun and Sun Herald. This commercial background was essential for the development and management of one of the first eco-tourism resorts in Australia. The multi award winning Eaglereach Wilderness Resort in the Hunter region of NSW.

AGHAN, Laurie & Nick Armistead

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Footy, The Great Leveller

Celebrating Laurie Aghan’s life in Aussie Rules

Laurie Aghan was one of the greatest amateur football coaches Victoria has ever seen – and one of its most engaging storytellers.

Ruthless and disciplined. Staunchly loyal. Tactically masterful. A leader with a deep-seated love for his players and the game of Australian rules football.

His no-nonsense approach to coaching led to incredible success at Reservoir Old Boys, Old Scotch Collegians, Old Melburnians, and the Victorian Amateur Football Association’s Big V program.

Success was never a given for Laurie, however, as he was first forced to overcome extreme poverty and the struggles associated with the South Melbourne slums, the Melbourne Orphanage, and the infamous Camp Pell.

It was these lessons that instilled Laurie with the drive to succeed in every endeavour, whether it be football, business, or any other aspect of life.

His story is equally sad and inspiring, honest and blunt, dark and humorous.

At the end of the day, one thing’s for certain; Laurie pulls no punches.


“I learned of Laurie’s remarkable childhood struggles and survival experiences, and his dogged and determined drive to succeed both in sport and business – in many cases against the odds.”

Hassa Mann

RAMSAY, Gordon

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Gordon’s Nuggets

The Principals of War and How they Help in Love, Life & Work

This is a book people might read because it relates time-honoured and field-tested values and principles to the trials and challenges of everyday life; just as importantly, it speaks the lessons of those principles in the kind of voice of a man who has taught them and tested them in military life and then over long years employed them in his life and in his successful practice as a management consultant. Here are values you can trust interpreted by a human you can trust. You’d read this for its hard-won wisdom and it’s author’s gentle humanity and long life’s experience. This is a rainy afternoon by a fire; this is not a lecture or a call to arms. This is NOT the other Gordan Ramsay. But it is a kind of cook book – for life, not for the kitchen.