CHILOV, Melissa

ISBN 978-1-923214-34-7

The Quoll, the Pobblebonk and the Big Race

For years, the Quoll and the Pobblebonk have been battling to claim ownership of the prized piece of bushland in the cave. They decide to have a Big Race to settle the score, once and for all.

When Quoll’s six pups go missing, she thinks this is one of Pobblebonk’s nasty ploys to throw her off course. Will Quoll find her pups? Who will win the Big Race? 

Melissa Chilov self-published author

About the Author

This is the debut novel written by Melissa Chilov. She was motivated by her love of Australian native animals and her two school-age sons. Melissa’s other pastimes include being an optometrist, gourmet cooking and dining, and caring for her family pets (a cat and an axolotl). 


ISBN 978-1-923214-01-9 

The Perfectly Egg-shaped Egg

Caramel Shortbread was a Golden Pekin Bantam. One perfect spring day, she laid an egg…

A sprawling, vibrant story about a baby chick exploring the garden for the first time under the loving guidance of mother hen.

Full of luscious descriptions, you can almost feel the sun on your back and smell the honeysuckle flowers as you wander through the grassy pages.

Deborah Moffat Tapfield self-published author

About the Author

Deborah Moffat Tapfield grew up a barefoot wanderer on a farm in Willunga. Located on the stunningly beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula, overlooking the sea. She shared the farm with a menagerie of animals, many wild ones, but also horses, cows, ducks, cats, dogs, and, of course, chickens! 

Deborah has always loved to draw and paint and has taken great inspiration from the beauty of nature. She moved back to her family farm when she had her first child and still lives there, in a little hand-built roundhouse, with her loving partner and their two children, a Kelpie, two Guinea Pigs and currently … 16 hens, 2 chicks and a rooster … and a lot of eggs!

MARVILL, Christine

ISBN 978-1-923156-35-7

Fluffy Amigurumi Animals

10 patterns for velvety soft crochet animals

Dive into the Cosy World of Fluffy Amigurumi Animals.

Experience the enchantment of creating irresistibly cute crochet animals using plush velvet yarn. From a snuggly Teddy Bear to a charming Kangaroo, this book offers easy-to-follow patterns that bring a touch of whimsy to your crochet adventures. Elevate your crafting with the luxurious softness of velvet yearn, making each project a huggable masterpiece. Unleash your creativity, one fluffy stitch at a time!



ISBN 978-1-923088-39-9

Lily Longnose

Finds a home

A greyhound puppy is imprisoned by the racing industry. She dreams of having a safe home and a family. After losing every race, her future becomes unclear.

Fortunately, she soon discovers kindness and love, and before long she meets her forever family. She is even given a new name!

Emily Norman author photo

About the Author

First-time author, Emily, is a creative and passionate dog mum, who advocates to end greyhound racing. Emily lives in Perth, Western Australia, with her husband, Jakeb. Her weekends involve taking Lily down to the local markets, sewing new outfits or relaxing in her garden with the family. Throughout her career working with children and young people in not-for profit organisations, she has seen the importance of educating and nurturing the next generation. Emily hopes that Lily’s book will play a role in changing public opinion and educating the next generation about the cruelties faced by greyhounds.

PHELPS, Renata and Abi Andrews

ISBN 978-1-923088-88-7

If We Care We Can

A Story of How One Glider Helped Save a Forest

Acacia, a tiny Squirrel Glider, is rescued, raised and released by wildlife carers. When she learns that her new forest home is about to be logged, Acacia plans to save the forest by collaborating with the other animals and humans alike.

This story is uniquely illustrated through a series of collages, melding photos, drawings, scanned flora and other artefacts contributed by more than 25 artists and photographers. ‘If We Care We Can’ is part of a collaborative community effort to save Bungabbee Forest on the North Coast of NSW, Australia.

Contributor list

Talia Balzan – Humans, Man, Crowd scene

Melanie Barsony – Masked Owl

Claire Chatfield – Potoroos

Donna Crotty – Goanna , Banksia and photos of burnt forests.

Beki Davies – Python and Banksia

Peter Derrett – Studio photography

Talia Balzan – Humans, Man, Crowd scene of flowers and foliage from Bungabbee

Alice Deschilder – Flying Foxes

Emily Donohoe – Green Tree Frog – Pobblebonk Frog – Lyrebird, White Cockatoo

Amanda Doran – Antechinus, Birdwing Butterfly, Goanna, Pademelon, Nest Box, Psyllids and Lerps

Emmeline Eastwell – Squirrel Glider Family, Glider on Banksia, Glider Juvenile

Layla Flame – Feathertail Glider, Yellow footed Antechinus and Shorter Rainforest Ground-Beetle

Tamara Fogarty – Marbled Frogmouth

Gwendolyn Gray – Kookaburra and Rosella Flower

Kristy Hampson – Brushtail Possum

Natalie Herington – King Parrot and Lorikeet, Kookaburra, Magpie , Koalas, Wrens, Night sky

Phil Jarman – Photos of Bungabbee

Henrietta Mooney – Echidna and Forest Redgum tree – Forest Redgum foliage and flower – Yellow-bellied Gliders

Kerry Negus – Microbats in Hollow, Little Bentwing Bat – Habitat Tree and Trees with Hollows

Rachel Pierssene – Glossy-black Cockatoo, Glossy-black Cockatoo Pair

Dailan Pugh – Quoll

Oral Roberts – Goanna, Glider

Jennifer Unwin – Photos of Bungabbee

Rose Wadsworth – Eucalypt Flowers

Kim Warren – Sugar Glider and Little Lorikeet

PAGLIA, Alexia

ISBN 978-1-923088-69-6

My Strong Heart

Step into the exciting world of medicine and health with Dr Zig Zaccy Zoo, and scientists Luca, and Lex!

Get ready to put on your lab coat and safety goggles as you learn all about how your heart beats, pumps blood, and keeps you healthy. So, come along and join the fun!

Alexia Paglia author photo

About the Author

Alexia is a passionate medical researcher who champions equitable knowledge and healthcare access. She has experience in clinical trials, paediatric psych-neuro oncology research, scientific communications as well as education.

Alexia’s mission is to advance health literacy and pioneer inclusive science initiatives, levering her children’s book as a catalyst for driving a better health future. Alexia loves to teach, and through the magic of storytelling hopes to inspire young minds to channel their innate curiosity and embrace the wonders of knowledge.


My Strong Heart is a fun, fact-filled book for kids to learn about heart health and the importance of looking after themselves. It’s perfect for encouraging kids to know more about science too.”

Former medical reporter ABC,
Assoc Prof (Adjunct), The University of Notre Dame

“This well-timed and well-illustrated book directed to the younger generation is an excellent introduction to the fascinating world of the heart.”

Physician, Cardiologist