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Love Me. Love Me Mine

Poems from the Heart

My book “Love Me Love Me Mine; Poems from the Heart” is a compilation of poems, some have been revised and were taken from “Poems for the day,” my first book, which was dedicated to my Father Joseph William Carss.

This book is dedicated to my eldest daughter, the late and beloved Gwendolyn Leah Owen, who tragically passed on in 2014 due to complications of Addison’s Disease.

It has been a very sad time for my family and me, some of my poems will attest to that, but thankfully not all.

Thank you for reading my poems and sharing my experience, for it truly makes it all worthwhile. I pray you’ll be thoroughly, blessed, and I feel sure that many of you will be able to identify with my poems, and where I’m coming from.

About the Author

My name is Sherril Carss, I was born in Melbourne, Australia, the daughter of Mr.& Mrs. Joseph W. Carss, my dad was a Staff Sergeant in the Australian Amy, and a truly wonderful dad. He was unfortunately diagnosed with Schizophrenia and passed on in 1959, when I was just five, bringing deep grief to my mother, Mavis E. Carss and my elder sister Beverley and myself. Losing my dad, at such a young age has had a profound effect on my life, and it’s by the Grace of God, that I’ve survived to tell the tale.

I was bought up to attend Sunday School at St John’s Church of England. My mother had converted to Protestantism and so her Spiritual journey began. Mum was grieving deeply but courageously brought us up alone. I attended Tooronga Road State School in my primary years, and then went to Malvern Girls’ High School. My first job was at A.M.I.

I married young and had three beautiful daughters. The first one was the late Gwendolyn Leah whom I mentioned earlier, and then there were her  sisters Terasa Jo and Jodie Louise. Due to difficult circumstances, my marriages didn’t survive, but through them. I have been blessed with five grandchildren, who are all grown up now, the first one, and the only girl, is Jennifer; then Alexander, William, Daniel and Edward, all of whom are very much loved, and I’m very proud of them.

This is just a small snippet of where I bring my poetry from, as time and space won’t permit any further commentary, apart from becoming “Born Again” in 1983, with grateful thanks to God, working through the Mackay Baptist Church, for their loving and timely help, at a time, when I was a young mother going though great personal turmoil, unsupported and alone, and “On the Edge Gods people,“ The Baptist People helped pull us to safety, for which we will be eternally, Thankful.