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Happy in the Service

Born in 1894 in London, mother dying when he was only 11 years old, Percy set sail to Adelaide on his own at 16 years – the start of many adventures including serving in both world wars. Percy put his age up to enlist in WWI and down to enlist in WWII.


Percy provides his unique personal experiences in hand written diaries he kept throughout his service, and describes the highs and lows of being away from the comforts of home while facing the horrors and carnage of battle at close quarters and the bombings and shellings from afar, together with the mateship and camaraderie between the courageous men and women thrust into such conditions.

PT Saunders author of the letters within 'Happy in the Service'

Author P T Saunders

Brian Saunders editor of 'Happy in the Service'

Editor Brian Saunders

About the Author

So at 100 years I still carry on … never a dull moment as I let my mind drift over the many years. I have enjoyed my many years of living and met many, many nice people, travelling many lands, meeting people of many tongues and colour.

I shall never forget my work, my friends, my relatives and my family … too many to mention by name … you are all wrapped up in my heart and mind and that is what will go with me.

Here is my story … I hope you enjoy my journey

About the Editor

From sitting on his knee as a young boy listening to his stories of his early childhood and war experiences to chatting with him well into his nineties as he recalled various life experiences and elaborated on the words he had written in pencil or pen and ink in his fragile memo books, it was difficult not to be mesmerised by his adventures and his compassion and love for his fellow man despite his exposure twice to the horrors of war, testament to his faith and devotion to his God.