ISBN 978-0-6483239-8-3

Encounters with the Spirit World

Encounters with Spirit World contains many never-before-documented reports of peoples’ encounters with those who have left this life and gone to the next. Some of these accounts are inspirational and uplifting; some however are truly frightening.

What stops this book from being just another, ‘bump in the night’ , collection of ghost stories is that many of the encounters told within come from respected, professional members of the community: from doctors and police to lawyers and even an astronaut, their encounters are told here, many for the first time.


About the Author

Brett Wright was a serving Police Officer with the NSW Police Force for 15 years

He spent the majority of his time as a frontline officer where he saw and dealt with the worst that humanity has to offer. During his career, Brett was awarded the Jim Affleck trophy for bravery and the Commissioner’s Commendation for Courage. He was twice a finalist for Police Officer of the Year from the Campbelltown Chamber of Commerce.

Brett left the Police in October 2016 and began writing from the day he left. When not writing Brett spends his time hiking, taking part in running events, travelling and enjoying his favourite sport, Rugby League.