ISBN 978-0-6482766-1-6

Children of the Wild

“A boy visits a wild island where he finds children living amongst nature. He is fascinated by their lives and as he spends time with them his own views on life begin to change. Based on Kangaroo Island in South Australia and whimsically illustrated by a local artist this book is one to be treasured for generations.”

Written by Becky Westbrook
Illustrated by Suzanne Trethewey

About the Author

I grew up on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. I was raised hiking, camping, swimming, bodyboarding, and travelling in natural environments. I grew up side by side with a pet kangaroo, who was free to roam as she pleased as all wild animals should. As a child I felt a great connection to wild places and the wild life that live there. As an adult and a mother of three wildings of my own, I feel it is my calling in life to encourage all children to love our wild places so that they grow up protecting them. You will only protect what you love. I have always loved writing stories throughout my life, and I have only realised through becoming a mother that my stories are my way of spreading the message to the next generations that our wild places are fundamental to our existence as humans and they must be protected at all costs. My one wish is that there will always be wild places for humans to visit and be in awe of and for all other species to exist as they always have.