ISBN 978-1-922452-44-3

Sounds of The World 

My vision, inspirational, empowering.

Janelle is a wife, mother and nana who loves the closeness of family.

She found her inspiration to write again once she moved from the city to the country. Janelle prefers to work from behind the scenes rather than be in the spotlight.

Her writing begins on the surface, before delving effortlessly down into a far more thought-provoking place, taking you with her.

She is grounded in experiences and perceptions with all human mysteries, taking you to a deeper, circumstantial place of events in her work.


SBN 978-1-922452-43-6​

No One is Safe at Night

A serial killer is on the loose and terrorising Melbourne…

Best friends Ava, Ally and Ivy are young and carefree. Friends since high school, the girls can’t imagine a life without each other. Whilst working as adult dancers the girls are focused on their friendship and the men in their lives.

But mutilated bodies of young women just like them are piling up and fear is engulfing the city.

When it all becomes too much the girls make the choice to escape to Lake Eildon for a camping trip – triggering events that will change the girls’ lives forever…