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Attracting the Truth

The Power Behind the Law of Attraction


An immense and ancient power is about to give you an incredible opportunity! Whether you desire success and abundance, or a simpler life filled with love and happiness, it could now be yours for the taking!

In his down-to-earth and unique style, Sye Artus will take you on a thought-provoking and sometimes humorous journey based on his discoveries while trying to disprove the Law of Attraction. After revisiting events from his past, along with the help of scientific and historical facts, he concludes that we are indeed in charge of our destiny. Now, he is going to show you how to achieve the life of your dreams.

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About the Author

Sye Artus is a British-born author, remedial therapist, and dry needling entrepreneur residing in North Queensland, Australia. 

After studying remedial therapy with remedial specialist and former British All-Styles Karate champion, Lorraine Kirk, he later achieved advanced dry needing qualifications under the guidance of world-renowned osteopath, acupuncturist, and author, Dr Wael Mahmood. Sye has since created his own unique combination of remedial therapy, manual manipulation, and dry needling which has resulted in him being regarded as one of the leading remedial therapists in North Queensland today.

Starting adult life as an impoverished single parent with two young daughters, Sye worked long hours in the building trade while continuing to peruse his interests in holistic, metaphysical, and eventually remedial therapy. After becoming a firefighter in the early 2000s, he continued with both careers simultaneously until 2018 when he finally moved to North Queensland were he still practices and resides today.

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‘If you are looking for another self-righteous rant telling you how to live your life, this isn’t it! Sye respects the sceptic, and his engaging, humorous and conversational style takes the reader on a gentle, if sometimes challenging journey that I believe most people will find very worthwhile. It is rare to find a self-help book that never becomes boring or lectures you and definitely offers possibilities for positive change. It’s worth reading twice!’

Tom Ryan RN CMHN (Psychotherapy)

Cert Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Psychotherapist FACMHN.