ISBN 978-1922452-40-5

Where is Teddy?

Could Teddy be snorkelling in the Bahamas, swimming with an octopus? Teddy is missing, where could he be? Let your imagination run wild as you explore the world with Teddy. Will Teddy be found?

Alexandra Trevena, self-published author of 'Where is Teddy?'

About the Author

As a Mother of two school age children and studying a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, writing a children’s book was a natural fit.  The story of Where is Teddy stemmed from the regular occurrence of my son Aiden losing Teddy and needing to find him at bedtime so he can go to sleep.  He would often feel sad that he had lost Teddy and I would make a game out of trying to find him.  We would come up with ideas about where in the world Teddy might be and what he might be doing whilst we were looking for him.  This spurred the official writing of Where is Teddy.  My children and I enjoy doing artwork together and my youngest son Ethan attends a local art class in the Barossa Valley named Tutti Arts.  Artists from the adult class agreed to collaborate with my children and I to create the artwork for the book making it very authentic and original.  Production of this book took place over the beginning of the Covid period here in Australia which highlighted that this book could be a good opportunity to travel the world using your imagination as we are currently unable to travel overseas.