ISBN 978-1-922337-16-0
ISBN 978-1-922337-17-7

Kaia – the Fairy in the Garden: Meeting Kaia

The story explores the magic of Fairies and one particular (ILLUSTRATED BY IRANA N)
fairy Kaia that lives in the Garden of the house Luke, Daniel and Madeleine recently moved into with their family. The Book ‘Meeting Kaia’ starts on one stormy night when their paths cross and they meet which is the start of a beautiful friendship and magical journey.

A story children with love which will challenge their belief in the unknown and ride along with every twist and turn in Kaia, Luke, Daniel and Madeleine’s adventures.

About the Author

Adrian and Claire married in 2002 in a small family affair and in 2007 had the first of 3 beautiful children; Luke (2007), Daniel (2016) and Madeleine (2018).

In 2012 he had a health scare and diagnosed with the early onset of Macular Degeneration and recurrent uveitis which is managed through injections, eye drops and on-going checkups. He subsequently made the decision to no longer drive.

Adrian was diagnosed with a congenital muscle myopathy in 2015 which causes significant joint/muscle pain and fatigue.

Through his experiences Adrian has learned of the hardships of life, cruelty of the world and applies these lessons learned to life and his writing. He ensures he lives with positivity and every experience makes him stronger.